Dear Explorers,


The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is, understandably, a concern for many people around the world. 


Like the rest of the travel industry, we’ve been heavily affected. We made the easy decision to cancel all Journee trips from 14 March until the end of June 2020 to keep our travellers safe. The majority of these trips have been refunded, with the remaining in progress. We also decided not to take new bookings during this period.

But, Europe is now past the peak and international borders are starting to open up. So, we started taking new bookings again on 1 July 2020.


We believe people’s innate desire to explore our wonderful world will survive the virus. However, we also understand that you might be apprehensive when it comes to booking an adventure right now. Especially when you’re leaving the destination in our hands.


So, for every trip, we promise safe destinations and flexible booking.

This is how we're making that happen...

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Book with confidence

Safe destinations + Flexible bookings

Safe destinations

A big part of the Journee experience is the thrill of not knowing the destination we matched you with until the last moment. We want to continue offering this experience, but understand we need to give extra reassurances about the destinations we'll match you with.


So, if your trip is in 2020, we will only match you with destinations where all three of the below safety statements are true:

  • There are no quarantine or testing measures in place and they are actively welcoming tourists

  • Most restaurants and attractions are open (social distancing rules may still apply)

  • We’re able to book (safe) experiences for you (social distancing rules may still apply)

After booking, we will continually review your matched destination up until the day before you depart, to make sure it’s still safe to travel to.


If any of our three checks are no longer true by the time of your trip, we will move it to a later date for no extra fee. If we can’t make the new dates work, we will refund you in full.

Take a look at the latest coronavirus travel status for 38 destinations here.

Flexible bookings

Even if your destination is passing all three of our safety checks, we will still allow you to move the dates of your trip to any future month, for any reason, up to 21 days before your scheduled departure date.


No hassle, no questions asked and no charge.

Still have questions? Speak to one of our travel advisors on Live Chat. We're happy to help!

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