Our COVID policy is straightforward

If you go on a Journee trip...

You won't have to quarantine at your destination.

You won't have to quarantine when you get back.

The experiences we've planned will happen.

Restaurants, bars and sights will be open.

If any of these change, you won't lose a single penny. We'll move your trip to a future date for no extra cost.


That sounds great, but what happens if my trip does get cancelled?

We're only taking bookings for trips starting May 2021 to minimise the risk of cancellations. But, if any of the above four things did change, we'll get in contact 3 weeks before departure to move it. We'll agree new dates with you and move everything for no extra cost. The destination will be the same and we won't reveal it.

Is my money safe if the trip gets cancelled?

Yep. Every penny. We'll do all the work to move your trip to a future date and we'll pay for any additional charges that might incur from this. We did this last year, so let us know if you want to confirm with past Journee Explorers.

Will I need to show a negative test to fly?

We always want to find the best possible destination match for our Explorers. So, if enough countries require a negative test, then there is a chance you might need to. We will always let you know in advance if that's the case and we can offer guidance on how to get one done.

What if I get sick with coronavirus or get told to self-isolate right before my trip?

As most airlines don't offer flexibility for last minute changes, we wouldn't be able to get a flight refund for you. But, we would be able to give you a full refund on everything else. To cover your flights, we can also recommend some well-priced insurers. That way you wouldn't lose a penny in this scenario.

What happens if there is a spike in coronavirus cases in the country when I'm there?

We'll be constantly reviewing the situation in your destination until you go. So, if there are any signs this might happen, we'll have moved your trip anyway. That being said, if the situation did change suddenly when you're there, our only priority will be to get you home safely.

What happens if I get coronavirus when I'm there?

Most travel insurance now has emergency medical cover, including repatriation, for COVID-19. We recommend checking your existing insurance cover or we can help you find a provider if you need one.

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