Our travel manifesto

Travel makes better people.


​We believe that travel has the power to change you. To take you on a journey of personal growth. To make you happier and more at peace with yourself. We believe the true joy of travel often comes from moments of spontaneity. Especially when it leads to the discovery of a hidden gem or an exciting experience that's treasured forever.


Done right, a trip to an interesting and unique destination will break down prejudices and broaden horizons. Travel makes the world a more understanding and accepting place.


Travel is broken.


Like you, many times in the past we’ve set out to explore the world, seeking new experiences to free our mind from the stress and routine of normal life. And like you, we’ve fallen into the usual travel traps. Package tours that didn’t reflect our true travel style or bespoke agencies that were heavy on the pocket. Going it alone isn't much better. The stress of sifting through a mountain of online information and the painful task of booking everything.


There's a better way.


We believe there’s a better way of experiencing the magic of travel. A way to discover interesting and unique destinations. A way to explore and absorb the beauty of cultures different from ours.


Our travel experts will carefully match you with an interesting destination based on your travel profile. We'll then plan and book an exciting, experiential trip. The trip will remain a mystery until the last moment. You just need to turn up to the airport ready to explore.


With Journee, we’re doing travel the way it should be - easy, exciting and experiential.



For the Explorers.

Journee Ltd, 35 Bow Road, London, E3 2AD

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