Travel makes better people.

We believe that travel has the power to change you; to take you on a journey of personal growth, to make you happier, and more one with yourself. We believe the true joy of travel often comes with moments of spontaneity, especially when it leads to the discovery of hidden gems or exciting experiences that are treasured forever.


Done right, a trip to an interesting and unique destination will break down prejudices and broaden horizons, making the world a more understanding and accepting place.

Just like you, many times in the past we’ve set out to explore the world, craving new experiences to free our mind from the stress and routine of normal life. And like you, we’ve fallen into the usual travel traps; package tours that didn’t reflect our true travel style; bespoke agencies that were heavy on the pocket; or do-it-yourself trips, where the stressful process of sifting through a mountain of information online to find something that resonates with us, and the painful task of booking everything, slowly taking away from the pre-trip excitement.

We believe there’s a better way of experiencing the magic of travel. A way to explore the world on mystery trips designed entirely around what makes you happy.

How does it work? Once you decide to go on a trip with Journee, we’ll send you a few carefully curated questions to understand your travel needs, wants and style. Our passionate travel planners will use the answers you give, along with your requested budget, dates and anything else you wish to share, to match you with a destination you’ll love and a trip perfectly tailored to you. We’ll take care of all the admin and bookings and put together an itinerary of things we think you’ll love to do. You won’t know where you’re going until the day of travel, as we believe that the experience building up to a trip should be an experience in itself (we’ll feed you some hints and clues about the destination along the way). Once you’re back from your trip, we’ll provide a detailed cost breakdown so you know exactly what you've paid for.

With Journee, we’re putting the romance back into travel. We make trips the way they should be - easy, exciting and experiential. Our promise is good surprises only.

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