Hello! We’re Ed, Megha and James, the cofounders of Journee.

We love to travel. In just the last two years, we’ve explored more than 50 countries and hundreds of cities between us. Having worked closely together at our previous company, we bonded over our passion for travel and our desire to get more people exploring the world more often. And so, Journee was born.

Read more about why we started Journee here.


Last trip: Thailand for a month. Explored all over from bustling Bangkok to the amazingly beautiful and peaceful island of Koh Tao. The Buddhist way of life is really special.


Favourite places: Florence, Italy, for the food (no one does it better than the Italians) and their history. Palawan, the Philippines, for picture-perfect tropical beaches and sunsets, and the kindest people.


Most unique travel experience: Either going to the top of Mount Etna (it felt like we were on another planet) or going on safari in South Africa and seeing the big five.


On the wishlist: Japan, Jordan, Bolivia and Iceland.

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Last trip: Andalusia, Spain. Was awed by the grandeur of the Alhambra in Granada, mesmerised by Flamenco dancers in Seville, and delighted daily by tapas.

Favourite places: Ladakh, India for the nicest people, shimmering glacial lakes and the Buddhist peace of mind. Stromboli, Italy for seeing a volcano spew lava on a starry night. Israel for the rich history of Jerusalem, cosmo vibes at Tel Aviv and the chance to cross the Dead Sea on the way to Jordan.


Most unique travel experience: Spotting a polar bear devour a whale in the wild in Svalbard!

On the wishlist: Peru. Ideally for my next birthday.

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Last trip: Explored the beauty of Indonesia & Thailand for two months whilst working remotely.


Favourite places: Nestled in the jungle, Ubud, Bali has an incredible selection of local and world foods, and the seemingly-constant religious ceremonies never ceased to surprise. Hong Kong for the top city, the density of Hong Kong Island is quite a feat, there are streets that never get full daylight.


Most unique travel experience: Climbing up and into the Ijen crater in the dark of night and heavy rain, gas masks on for the final descent, to see the blue flame lit from the sulphuric gas emissions.


On the wishlist: Fiji. I first read about it years ago. Before then, the Himalayas.

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