Amy B


Krakow, Poland (July 2019)

My matched destination was right up my street.

I had a great experience with Journee, any questions I had they answered promptly from before take-off to throughout my holiday. Information for the holiday was clear and they included great recommendations of what to do whilst I was there in the pack I was given.

I was given clues as I went along, enough to give me an idea but still unclear of exactly where I was going so was a great surprise! Destination I was matched with was right up my street and I ended up having a brilliant time, especially on the trips/tours that were included.

Very happy, would travel with them again and highly recommend.

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Katarina & Colin H


Sofia, Plovdiv & Rila, Bulgaria (June 2019)

We knew we were in safe hands from the start.

Journee did an excellent job planning our trip! We knew we were in safe hands from the start. I am a very nervous traveller and like to be in control, so the whole process was intimidating. I'm happy to say my fears were unfounded. I really enjoyed letting go of my hang-ups and going along for the ride. Our accommodation was excellent, and everything was planned beautifully.


We saw incredible sights that were perfectly picked for our personalities. Even the dinner reservation was perfect! We travelled for our wedding anniversary, and Journee really delivered! We even had champagne waiting in our room and breakfast in bed the first morning!


We did have some feedback for them, but they've been awesome about following up and already made some changes that I'm sure will ensure even more awesome adventures in the future.

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Beth L


Pisa & Cinque Terre, Italy (April 2019)

The most amazing weekend away.

I had the most amazing weekend away in Italy organised by Journee.


They got every aspect spot on and their customer service was exceptional. The activities they'd planned were perfect for what I like to get up to on holiday (hikes, boat trips, historic monuments) and every bar and restaurant recommendation was delicious.

It was such a treat not having to do any planning or research before a trip and I felt in safe hands.

I couldn't recommend it enough, well worth the money!

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Thomas P & Hannah D


Montengero & Bosnia and Herzegovina (April 2019)

Really great value for money.

Had a great experience right from the start! The form took about 10 minutes to fill out and before we knew it we were opening our trip pack at the airport.


Everything was very well organised, and Journee did a really great job keeping us updated and answering our queries along the way. We really felt like we were in safe hands - it was nice knowing we had a point of contact 24/7. 


We visited places we never would have thought of visiting and all the activities were really fun and reflected what we had asked for in the form. All the restaurant suggestions were really great - no need to spend half an hour trawling through trip advisor. One of the restaurants suggested was so good we went back a second time!


Overall, Journee took all the stress out of organising a nice holiday which made the whole thing 100% worth it. There's no way I could have organised something to the level of detail that this trip was organised.


Really great value for money, they were completely transparent about how much everything cost and even returned the difference at the end!

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Ralph Z & Tarek K


Ljubljana & Bled, Slovenia (April 2019)

One of the best trips ever.

We had been to many countries before and definitely enjoyed travelling, but planning a trip had always been a time consuming and stressful process. It’s safe to say that Journee was the perfect answer. They planned everything for our trip to Slovenia, including plane tickets, hotels, airport transfers and all excursions. All we had to do was pack a bag and enjoy the holiday.


They also communicated updates proactively and were available at all times for any questions. The itinerary was perfect and was really bespoke to our preferences. We also loved their food and drinks recommendations.


Overall one of the best and most hassle-free trips ever. Highly recommended!

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Ana N


Tuscany & Florence, Italy (April 2019)

They changed my opinion about surprises.

The whole trip from start to finish was brilliantly organised, with everything tailored to me. They changed my opinion about surprises, I always thought I don't like them but all I needed was someone to surprise me with the things I love, aka a foodie trip to Tuscany and Florence!


The restaurant and gelaterias recommendations were always on point. When I ventured out on my own, it wasn't as successful because it takes time and research to find good places. It was obvious how much time, care and research had gone into my personalised trip. I enjoyed the little teases I got in the weeks leading up to my trip, though I was woefully wrong in guessing my mystery destination :) I will definitely travel again with them and I would recommend it to anyone who is in need of a trip.

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Jenna & Ryan B


Lisbon, Portugal (February 2019)

Can't recommend Journee enough.

Journee absolutely nailed planning our Lisbon weekend getaway. They listened to what we asked for and went above and beyond to make sure it was a curated weekend planned around our specific requests.


The entire process far exceeded our expectations of what a travel planner should be, and the element of surprise just adds so much more excitement to the whole thing. Can't recommend Journee enough and we can't wait to go on our next Journee trip.

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Arthur P & Lola B


Seville & Ronda, Spain (January 2019)

Everything tailored to perfection.

Using a thorough survey, Journee sent us to a brilliant secret destination, which was perfectly tailored to our specific needs. As an eco-friendly and vegan couple, travelling is always difficult but they got it right!

From the clues to the extremely well-crafted Trip Pack detailing what we will be doing, we were so excited we couldn't sleep the night we found out we were going to Seville.


During the trip, everything went flawlessly and we had the chance to discover not one, but two cities. We even had special attention throughout the trip as I celebrated my birthday when we were away.

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Caitlin L


Florence, Italy (September 2018)

Everything was planned flawlessly.

Letting Journee plan our trip meant we were able to travel with a sense of adventure and spontaneity, while still knowing that everything had been carefully planned around us.


Everything we needed to know, from reservation details to restaurant recommendations and daily itineraries were included in our information pack, but the Journee team also kept in touch to make sure everything was going smoothly.


Thanks to them, we tried things we wouldn't have thought to plan ourselves, like driving through the beautiful Tuscan countryside to spend a night in Siena, which turned out to be the highlight of our trip!

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