Exciting trips to mystery destinations

We'll carefully match you with an exciting trip to an interesting destination based on your travel personality. You'll find out where you're going at the airport. All we need to make that happen?

One 15-minute form.


We just need you to fill in one 15-minute Trip Matchmaker form and we'll take care of the rest. No research, no planning, no booking.


We'll carefully match you with an interesting destination. Then send you fun clues, a packing list and a weather report to keep you guessing. The big reveal? At the airport.


As well as flights and accommodation, we'll book experiences tailored to you. Think dining at the home of a renowned chef for the foodies and rafting for the thrill-seekers.

We get to know you

Fill in our Trip Matchmaker form to build your travel personality. It includes budget, dates, where you don't want to go, and most importantly, the things you like to do when you travel.

A snippet of Journee's Trip Matchmaker form
Journee does mystery destinations

We carefully match you

Our travel experts will match you with an interesting destination based on your travel personality.

We organise everything

As well as flights and accommodation, we'll organise a trip full of experiences tailored to you. We'll create and send you a physical pack in the post which contains everything you need for your trip.

A traveller holding a Journee Destination Guide of Malta
A traveller's clues for their mystery destination

We send you fun clues

To keep you guessing, we’ll send you fun clues about your mystery destination. We'll also send you a weather report and packing list so you'll know what to bring.

You turn up at the airport!

Turn up at the airport, reveal where you're going, and head off to explore. We've done all the research and planning, so you can sit back and relax knowing it's all taken care of.

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A traveller speaking to the Journee customer support team on WhatsApp

We're here 24/7

We'll create a WhatsApp thread with you so you can reach us anytime before or during the trip.

We're transparent

Unlike traditional travel agents, we'll send you a complete breakdown of everything your budget was spent on. This includes any savings we negotiated on your behalf. We'll also return any unspent money. Yes, really!

Journee sends every traveller a breakdown of everything their budget was spent on

Where do you send people?

It all depends on your travel personality, but we can say it will always be safe to travel to and not a major tourist destination.

Just some of the places we've sent people to so far are Seville, Lisbon, Thailand, Zanzibar, Malta, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre, The Algarve, Krakow, Prague, Budapest, Meteora, Thessaloniki, Granada, Malaga, Cluj, Sofia, Bologna, Ljubljana and Bled.

Can we exclude destinations?

Of course! We want you to experience a new destination. So, in your Trip Matchmaker form, you can tell us as many places you don't  want to go to.

How much does it cost?

You tell us how much you want to spend on your Journee trip. The minimum is £350 per person for a 3-day/2-night trip. There is no maximum.


Journee's fee is 20% of the budget you give us. So, if your budget was £500 per person, £400 is spent on your trip and £100 would be our fee.

Got more questions? Hit up our FAQs.

Perfect destination

I was sent to a destination that I would never dream of going to and I loved every moment of it! Can't wait to book again. Read more.

Raksha, Aug 19

Will be booking again

The whole trip was planned expertly and the attention to detail from the Journee team was fantastic. Read more.

Charlotte & Elinor, Nov 19

You have to try this!

 Journee took away the grind of searching for the best deal, or best hotel location, or even the best destination! Read more.

George & Melissa, Jan 20

To go on an exciting trip  to a mystery destination.

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