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The Journee experience

We get to know you

Fill in our Trip Matchmaker form to build your travel personality. It includes budget, dates, where you don't want to go, and most importantly, the things you like to do.

Journee will carefully match you with a destination

We carefully match you

Our travel experts will match you with an interesting destination based on your travel personality. We'll then send you a free Trip Proposal to review.

We organise everything

We'll book flights, accommodation and experiences you'll love. Plus you'll get a physical pack in the post so you have everything  you need for your trip.

A Journee Trip Pack
A Journee destination clue

We send you fun clues

To keep you guessing, you'll get fun clues about your mystery destination. You'll also get your own weather report and packing list.

You get to the airport!

Turn up, reveal where you're going and head off to explore. We've done all the research and planning, so you don't have to.

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Here when you need us

You'll have  a WhatsApp thread with us so you can reach us anytime.

Where do you send people?

All kinds of places as long as they are safe and not too touristy. So, it comes down to your travel personality!

Just some of the places we've sent people to include Seville, Lisbon, Zanzibar, Malta, Florence, Puglia, Cinque Terre, The Algarve, Krakow, Prague, Budapest, Meteora, Granada, Cluj, Sofia, Bologna, Ljubljana, Bled and Sri Lanka.

Can we exclude destinations?

Of course! We want you to experience a new destination. So, in your Trip Matchmaker form, you can list as many places as you want.

How much does Journee cost?

You tell us how much you want to spend on your Journee trip! The minimum is £425 per person for a 4 day trip.

Got more questions? Hit up our FAQ section.

What a trip!

Journee were right, we didn't want to leave and I already want to do it all over again! You must give them a go. Read more.

Layla & Roger, Jan 2022

Journee Explorers, Layla & Roger

I mean - WOW!

They do everything for you, so you can relax and not plan anything.  We will be booking one Journee every year from now on! Read more.

Viktor & Silvija, Feb 2022

Journee Explorers, Viktor & Silvija

Perfect holiday for me

I couldn’t have planned a better holiday for myself and everything was perfectly organised. I will be booking again! Read more.

Bethany, Mar 2022

Journee Explorer, Bethany

Reviews so good, they don't seem real!

Embrace the unknown 

Be spontaneous. Discover somewhere new. Make memories.

Be culture 

Get a real feel for the local culture with authentic experiences booked for you.

Spend your time planning exploring

15 minutes. That's all it takes to complete our Trip Matchmaker form. We take care of the rest, so you just  need to get to the airport on time!