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Dare to let the world surprise you.

We believe the world will be a better place if we challenge ourselves more often. If we found the courage to start that conversation. To wear that outfit. To try that crazy thing on the menu. If we let ourselves experience something new, explore somewhere different, somewhere unconventional.

We want you to discover places you never thought of and be amazed by authentic local experiences you wouldn't have considered. Take that first step. Seek the magic outside of your comfort zone.

Dare to Journee.



We believe preconceptions limit us from becoming our best selves. We overcome them with openness and kindness.

Embrace the unknown.

We believe that magic happens outside of our comfort zones. We inspire you to experience novelty and challenge what you already know.

Plan less.
Explore more.

We want to bring joy to your life by letting you focus on your adventure while we take care of all the planning.

Be culture curious.

We believe in a world where curiosity is a drive for growth and positive change. We can do great things if we learned more from our travels!

Celebrate diversity!

We strive to promote a sense of community and humanity. We cherish what's unique and spread a culture of respect and acceptance for anyone.

We believe in Journee because we did it first.


Go on YOUR most exciting trip TO DATE.

You'll go on your most exciting trip and we take care of all the admin. Want proof? Here are 4 reasons you'll want to start packing already.

Your budget,
well spent.

We're able to get the best deals on accommodation and experiences, and we pass these savings right back to you. There's a reason why 92% of people rate us as good value for money.

No prep.
Zero stress.

We organise and book everything: flights, accommodation and experiences. Need help on the go? Message us anytime to speak directly to one of the team.

Enjoy the surprise.

We want you to spend your money on memorable experiences and we keep things fun from the very start! You’ll get clues, a Reveal Postcard, a day by day itinerary, and a guide you'll actually want to read.

Keep it real.

We find and book authentic local experiences tailored to you. With us, you'll avoid the tourist traps and instead meet interesting people, learn a skill, try new tastes and fall in love with a different culture.

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Where would you go if you didn’t get in your OWN way?

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