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delivered to your door.

Everything you need for your Journee, hand packed, sealed, and delivered directly to your doorstep: your Reveal Postcard, a day-by-day itinerary and a detailed Destination Guide.

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Where would you go if you didn’t get in your OWN way?

Destination Guide


Reveal Postcard

A guide full of fascinating insights into the culture and sights of your destination. There are also useful tips so you can explore like a local. Inside you’ll find:

  • Unique curiosities of your destination

  • A how to guide for public transport

  • A handy list of key phrases in the local language

  • Our guide to the best and tastiest local cuisine

A day by day summary of all the exciting things we've planned for you. It has everything you need for your trip to run smoothly. Don't miss our restaurant recommendations either! Inside you'll find:

  • Addresses and directions

  • Timings

  • Contact numbers

  • Places to eat and drink

This is where it finally happens. Inside the sealed envelope is your big destination reveal. Will you resist the temptation to open it early? You could have your ta-daaa moment as soon as your pack arrives in the post... but most Explorers wait until the airport! Inside you'll find:

  • Your surprise destination reveal

  • Endless excitement

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