It's better with Journee

You've (probably) always booked your travels yourself. We also used to. But, here are 6 reasons to book with Journee instead.

The mystery experience

We all want to spend our money on memorable experiences rather than flashy things. And what's better than discovering your destination at the airport. Share your clues with friends to keep them guessing too.

A person thinking about the Journee mystery experience

Zero holiday admin

We organise and book everything. Flights, experiences, accommodation, a daily itinerary and even restaurant recommendations tailored to you. Take back the +10 hours this would have taken you.

A person sleeping well knowing Journee takes care of everything

The best destination

Our experts will carefully match you with a destination you'll love. So, no more disagreements or disappointments over deciding where to go.

Journee carefully matches you with the best destination

Authentic experiences

Our experts will find and book fun and interesting experiences to make the trip even better. An adventure is so much more than flights  and accommodation.

Journee will find and book authentic experiences

Fun extras

Every Journee trip comes with fun clues, a personalised weather report and packing list. You'll also get a physical pack in the post with your own reveal postcard, bespoke itinerary and a Destination Guide you'll actually want to read.

You'll get fun extras with every Journee trip

Support that delights

We do 121 support that's one tap away. Send us a message on WhatsApp anytime before or during your trip and our friendly team will be there to help.

Journee support delights

COVID rules managed

We stay on top of the latest COVID regulations so you don't have to. Your destination will be open, safe and with no restrictions. Just like 2019.

Journee stays on top of the latest COVID regulations

Financial protection

Booking yourself comes with the risk of losing money if your trip gets cancelled. Book with Journee and your money is protected no matter what.

Journee offers financial protection with every trip